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MyChart User Agreement

WakeMed Health & Hospitals and WakeMed Physician Practices ("WakeMed") are pleased to offer our patients online computer access to portions of their medical records through the MyChart web portal. If you would like to use this service, you must agree to this contract, even if your MyChart account was set up on your behalf by WakeMed staff.

WakeMed is committed to protecting the confidentiality of your medical information. Our employees are subject to strict standards to keep your information confidential. In order to access your medical information through MyChart, you must share this responsibility to protect your information. Please review our Notice of Privacy Practices for more information.

I. Use of MyChart.

A. DO NOT USE MYCHART FOR EMERGENCIES. If you believe you are experiencing an urgent or life-threatening health condition, you should phone your physician, go directly to an emergency room, or call 911.

B. Response Time. We anticipate that we will respond to most secure messages within two business days. If you require a response more quickly, please call your provider's office.

C. Appropriateness. MyChart is not appropriate for communicating highly confidential or sensitive medical information, work-related issues, or difficult ideas or emotions. You should discuss these topics with your provider in person or by phone. MyChart should not be used as a substitute for visiting your provider. Please see your provider for medical advice and care.

D. What You Can Do on MyChart. MyChart allows you to:

  • 1. Schedule appointments with your primary care provider.
  • 2. Request an appointment with a specialist.
  • 3. Send and receive messages about your care.
  • 4. Obtain certain laboratory or radiology test results.
  • 5. Request prescription refills.
  • 6. View and print a visit summary.
  • 7. View and pay your bill online.
  • 8. Ask questions about your bill.

E. Messages. Please follow these rules when sending or receiving messages through MyChart:

  • 1. From WakeMed: Our providers may send you secure messages through MyChart. It is your responsibility to monitor these messages and respond in an appropriate manner. You must provide us with a valid email address and update WakeMed if you change your email account. We will send emails to your personal email address to notify you that you have new MyChart messages. Messages sent to your personal email will not contain personal health information. Nonetheless, any person with access to your email will be able to see this notification. This could include your spouse, employer, or anyone else who can access your email account. Although no private medical information will be sent by email, you may not want others to know that you have received new medical information. Thus, you should take this into account when providing an email address.
  • 2. From You: Messages that you send to WakeMed through MyChart may be viewed by more than a single member of your care team. For example, a message sent to your doctor may also be viewed by your doctor's office staff in order to help respond to you as quickly as possible. Regardless, this communication is always treated as confidential. However, do not send email messages outside of MyChart to anyone on your care team, as those emails may not be secure. Also, to assist your care team in providing you proper medical treatment, information you send through the portal, including completion of a patient questionnaire, should include complete and accurate information.

F. Test Results. Results of laboratory tests or radiology tests will be available to you on MyChart, usually in two to five business days. Certain test results, where it is very important to discuss the result directly with your provider, may not appear in MyChart. If you do not see test results in MyChart, call your provider. Do not make decisions about your health care based on reviewing results in MyChart without first talking with your provider.

G. MyChart is for Your Use Only. All messages that are sent through MyChart should be about your own health care and conditions only. Asking for advice for a friend or family member for whom you are not the personal representative is not appropriate. Since these messages may become a part of your permanent medical record and will be considered your health information, it is important that no one else's information be included in your messages.

II. Security.

A. Personal Identification Code and Password. You agree to keep your MyChart user ID and password confidential. Anyone with access to your user ID and password will have access to your personal health information, and the ability to exchange messages with your providers, as if they were you. It is your responsibility to change your password if you believe it has been compromised or shared with someone else. If you received assistance from WakeMed staff with setting up your MyChart account, for added security you should also change the password that was given to you at registration. If you believe that your password has been compromised, please contact the InformationServices Department as instructed in our FAQ.

B. Security Features. We limit the ability of WakeMed employees to access, enter, or view your information based upon each person's role in your care. WakeMed staff who assist patients with setting up MyChart accounts do not keep copies of your user name or password. We also use firewalls, passwords, encryption, and audit trails to protect and limit access to your information. We keep track of any access to your information through MyChart, and we note the time and date of each access. We also have taken steps to make information received from our online visitors secure.

III. Availability and Restrictions.

MyChart may not always be available to you due to system maintenance, back-ups, Internet connectivity problems, hardware failures, or other issues. Access is provided as a convenience to patients and on an "as is available" basis, and you are not guaranteed access at any particular time. MyChart is not available to patients under the age of 13 unless they are emancipated, either by a court, through marriage, or due to active service in the armed forces.

IV. Disclaimers and Release.

WakeMed takes no responsibility for, and disclaims any and all liability for damages arising from, a breach of medical record confidentiality that results from: (a) you sharing or losing your password; or (b) your use of or inability to use MyChart. Because MyChart may not always be available or information in it may not be complete, you agree to release WakeMed from, and accept sole responsibility for, any and all actions you take or do not take based upon information you receive through MyChart. By accessing your MyChart account, you represent that you have read and understand and accept these Terms and Conditions.

V. Terminating MyChart Access.

You can terminate your access to MyChart at any time by following the instructions in our FAQ. WakeMed may suspend or terminate your access to MyChart at any time at its discretion.